As a resident of Arizona for more than 16 years, and an ASU alum (Go Devils!), I absolutely love the beautiful Southwest and the State of Arizona!  I'm an avid outdoorsman, big time fly fisherman, and adore what this beautiful state has to offer, especially it's real estate! 

From the booming mid 2000’s, to the crash in 2007, through the recession in 2009, and riding the wave of the market recovery over the past several years, I have been a part of the real estate market in some capacity my entire professional career.  Right out of college I worked with a national title/escrow company as a Business Development Manager, where I was able to connect with hundreds of Realtors with a variety of different business tactics, and learn what made each of them successful.  Following my work as a Business Development Officer for a large, national title company, I moved on to mortgage origination.  After a short tenure as a loan officer for a brokerage out of Scottsdale, I was recruited by a small, boutique investment bank as a Finance Director in Scottsdale, AZ.  There, my team and I were able source and structure over $300M in real estate finance, sale leasebacks, M&A, debt restructuring, and private equity placement with chain retail franchisees, including many operators of well known, international brands.  While working alongside C-Level executives of worldwide brands, private equity firms, and Wall Street capital, I was able to develop and refine key customer service, client management, negotiation, and sales skills that would enable me to accelerate my career in finance and plan my next goal: to be an entrepreneur.  After several Wall Street firms closed their doors in 2009, I was able to capitalize on an opportunity to learn the world of real estate valuation, and take those skills learned in finance and apply them to the residential appraisal industry.  After obtaining a Residential Appraisal Certification in 2011, I went on to build a successful real estate appraisal firm, of which I still operate to this day.  In 2015, I obtained my Arizona Real Estate License and became a Realtor in order to provide honest, sound advice and customer service to the general public who rely on real estate professionals to handle their most expensive and important assets, their homes.  I currently consult with several top agents and brokerages in the area and have been a speaker at several SE Valley real estate offices to present on appraisal topics and current market trends.  I have been able to build a successful real estate career which transcends just residential sales.  Whether it's commercial, residential, real estate consulting, or appraisal, I can assist you with all of your real estate needs.  I want to earn your trust and build a long lasting relationship, and I will do that through honesty, sincerity, and hard work!